solutions by application

There are general tools like screwdrivers and there are special tools like thermometers.
You can think of Ultrasonic Leak Detectors as a combination of both. Actually you can think of them like the Swiss Army Knife of problem finders.
One instrument, one tool, many applications. Countless solutions.

Specifically this multi tool offers you:

  • Compressed Air Leak Detection
  • Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection (All gasses)
  • Nitrogen and CO2 Leak Detection
  • Vacuum Leak Detection (Outside of the system)
  • Steam Trap Leak Detection and Condensate Flow
  • Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV) Leak Detection and Operation
  • Mechanical Problems Detection (Friction, Wear condition)
  • Lubrication State Detection and Proper Lubrication of Bearings
  • Electrical Arcing and Corona Detection.
  • Weatherproofing and Sealing of Rooms, Areas, Tanks and Enclosures.